I started being involved in the church when I was in elementary.  I was invited by some elder sisters and people who happened to be catechists and servants then.  I remember how fascinated I was in attending masses, choir rehearsals and parochial events.  At a young age, I had believed that attending the church community was part of my journey, though never did I expect that I would keep up even up to now that I am no longer a student but a professional.  Perhaps, similar to the twelve disciples, my name was called and chosen by Jesus.

All of us are chosen to be the disciples of Jesus regardless of being hardheaded, unfaithful, and all the ungodly things we have committed. Jesus knew that in some instances, we would choose to spend time elsewhere than spend time attending the Holy Mass.  He knew how at times we would fail to make true of the Christian virtues we are expected to live up to.  But no matter how imperfect we are, God granted us the journey to Heaven.

God sent us Jesus to be our guide in this journey called life.  He showed us what unconditional love is; how faithful He is to His promises; and how hopeful He is that even if we sin, there is a chance to begin again.  He doesn’t and will not abandon us in our journey to the Father.  Same as how we are still provided with our daily bread, and words of wisdom whenever we listen to the gospel and read the Bible.

The gospel is reminding us of why we are living our lives here on earth.  That is, to follow Jesus and be like Him so we can be united with God the Father in heaven at the end of our journey.

Given all the earthly norms, it is truly tough to realize our life’s purpose.  As Christians, it is our mission to be on track as we follow the steps of Jesus by how we treat our fellowmen.  Since Jesus never leaves us out, may we also have patience and not give up on others.  This life is our journey to eternal life.  Let us not give up but continue to be on the right path so we can all be with the Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet June 18, 2017 issue.