To give someone our little time and attention is one of the greatest gifts we can give to one another like Jesus did to the hemorrhaging woman and the little girl.  When we are confronted of disheartening storms in our lives and it seems that our prayers are unanswered.  When we feel as if everything is getting worse rather better, what should be our attitude?  How should we respond?  Do we have the faith to trust God with all our hearts?

Today’s gospel passage is so rich that one wonders on what angle to take in expounding the message behind it.  In spite of some contrasts in the two miracle stories, and yet at the very core they are the very same story.  Both Jairus, seeking for the healing of her daughter and the hemorrhaging woman was desperate and in despair.  Both had genuine faith in Jesus’ power to heal.  The stories of the two people who, when they came in contact and touched by Jesus, were transformed from death to life.

Jesus heals and restores life, when we touch Him and allow ourselves to be touched by Him.  When we come to Jesus with unwavering trust and have the faith to believe.  A deep faith with the Lord has the power to heal us from fear and desperation.  It enables us to discover hope in the midst of hopeless situations.  Enduring pain without any complaint and encountering bad situations with quietness and calmness it means the same as putting our faith and trust in God that everything will work out well in its own time with God in control in every situations.  God sees the truth – our illness, our distress, our brokenness, our failures and our desperate need for healing – healing for ourselves, for others and for our country.

Faith with the power of Jesus heals us from the controlling force of fear and desperation.  We as Christians, sons and daughters of the Lord, we are invited to summon all our courage and strength, to reach Jesus and extend our arms to touch Him.  Allow Jesus the giver of life to touch, lift and raise us up from physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses.  Trust Him with all our hearts.  Allow the Lord to give us power and grace to overcome fear and anxieties in moments of desperation we encounter in our everyday lives.  We may discover hope in the midst of hopeless situations.  Believe in the power of Jesus to heal and engulfed the darkness.

Let us pray to the Lord that lift and raise us from fallen condition and misery.  Give us compassionate heart so that we may move from unconcern at human misery to compassion.  Let us also pray for the healing of ourselves, of everyone, of our religious and government leaders and especially for our country.  Amen!

– m’jdm

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter July 01, 2018 issue.