The Apostleship of Prayer is a union of men and women who unite themselves with the Eucharistic Sacrifice.  By this bond with Christ, they cooperate in the salvation of the world.


A community of faithful united in the spirit of prayer, working for the renewal of the church and society according to God’s plan.


To achieve this vision, they commit themselves to the building of the community through prayer that bears fruit in action and service.


  • To promote an apostolic spirituality.
  • To evoke the practice of service to others.


  • Spiritual Formation
  • First Friday Novena
  • Holy Hour
  • Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

The AP promote block rosary devotions, Bible studies, and encourage unwed couples in the Parish to avail  of the Sacrament of Matrimony.  They also make daily prayer offerings to the sick and the elderly, assist in the care of the altar and sanctuary, and perform other duties the parish priest may  delegate. The Apostoladas make it their commitment to be God’s soldiers and fight for souls. Garbed in white and violet, they exude the radiance of love and humility. They defy distance and space with their prayers, service and love to the parishioners in their areas.