The Family and Life apostolate is geared towards the total development of the Catholic family to become a domestic Church, sharing the church’s life and mission of preaching and living the good news of salvation.


1.    To be able to rekindle the faith of the domestic church.
2.    To be able to empower families of their mission to become evangelizers towards the basic ecclesial communities.
3.    To be able to develop the knowledge and skills of the family life workers in reaching out to other families.

COF has 5 pastoral priorities:

  • Pre-Cana
  • Post-Cana
  • Migrant Program
  • Elderly
  • Parish Spiritual Companion (PSC_Counseling)

Pre-Baptismal Orientation is included as additional priority in the parish. Monthly meetings on above priorities are held every third Thursday at the Vicariate Level, and every fourth Sunday at the parish level.