The Commission on Youth is a Christ-centered community of young people, transforming the youth to be evangelizers of faith and catalysts of change towards the fullness of life.  


  • COY shall promote a culture of Christian community that upholds Affirmative Leadership, transcends hierarchy and encourages equal opportunity.
  • COY shall inculcate in the young the kingly, prophetic and priestly functions of Christ.
  • COY shall be a resource for the holistic formation program, promotion of vocations and advancement of advocacies of the Church.
  • COY shall inspire the young people to share God’s words and Church’s teachings through conventional and modern means.


  • Lenten Activities
    • Visita Iglesia
    • Washing of the Feet
    • 7 Last Words – Animation & Choir
  • Easter Egg Fund Raising
  • Fiesta Celebration (overall design and program) in cooperation with Execom
  • Christmas Activities
    • Panunuluyan presentation
    • Annual Christmas party
  • PPCRV Volunteers (Election period)
  • World Youth Day Local celebration
  • Volunteers on Papal Visits


  • Study Tours
  • Commission on Youth Yearly Planning
  • Parish and Community Sportsfest
  • Youth Encounter
  • Youth General Assembly with Formation
  • Community Visitation