He who sings well prays twice, St. Augustine affirms. The St. Peregrine Music Ministry leads the congregation in actively participating in the Holy Mass and in inspiring unity and solemnity through liturgical singing.

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Peregrine Music Ministry is to provide a prayerful musical experience during any celebration that brings our hearts, minds, and voices to a deeper connection to our Lord. Through our music, we hope to fill the church with a deeper and more gratifying love of our Lord through our praise to him in song. We aim to help bring all those who worship through song to a closer relationship with Christ and a fuller devotion in their faith.

Vision Statement

The vision of the St. Peregrine Music Ministry is to provide a musical outlet to all those who worship at St. Peregrine Diocesan Shrine. It is our goal to keep in mind the different tastes in music and expectations of those who attend the countless functions that the music ministry serve. We aim to build a strong community of singers and musicians who are there to serve the needs of the parish and bring the enjoyment and talents of the parish to those whom we meet in the community. Through everything that we do, we do for God and to serve the needs of the people of St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish.

The St. Peregrine Music Ministry is under the Commission on Worhip and consists of several choirs:

  • Faithful Servants
  • Servants of the Lors (SOL)
  • PREX Choir
  • St. Peregrine Healing Ministry (Adult Category)
  • One Voice Choir
  • Laziosi Minstrels
  • Epheso Choir
  • Koro de San Isidro
  • Vox Dei
  • St Peregrine Chorale (Youth Category)
  • Sikatville Choir
  • Korong Paslit
  • VCI Children’s/ Family Choir

On certain feasts & solemnities, especially during Advent and Easter, the St. Peregrine Music Ministry forms an Integrated Choir, which allows members from all choral groups to sing as one in celebrating the Eucharist.